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F106 Spindles Fits SQHD And 20-145 $480.00 Per Set  Click Here 

 20-145 Full Spool $1500.00 Click Here 

 F106 Aluminum Dually Hub Kit Includes Bearings,Seals,Soindle Nuts,Lock Washers,And Wheel Studs 8x6.5-Wide 5 $1500.00


F106 Aluminium Single Wheel Hub Kit Includes Bearings,Seals,Spindle Nuts,Lock Washers,And Wheel Studs 8x6.5 $1000.00

 20-145 Stock Housing With Spindles Welded In with Rear Cover Removed $1200.00(Saves 22LBS) With Rear Cover Left On $1050.00

 Axles With Drive Plates 2.062/32 Spline (Specify Length) To Fit Alumnium Hubs $1100.00 Click Here  Click Here 

Complete 20-145 Axile Assembly Ready To Install $7500.00